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Latest Off Page SEO Techniques & Trends To Boost Ranking

Off page SEO is the activity that we do outside of our websites. It’s not about links it’s more hard and deeper. If you are depending on your website to rank in 1-10 position then On page is not enough some peoples depends on On page but is not done to rank up Off page SEO is important.

Off  Page SEO have many activities to do that all the Webmaster’s (SEO’s) do to rank up fast.

Best Off Page SEO Activity List 2017

1. Blogging


Blogging is the way you can describe your ideas and information. Most of the SEO experts prefer blogging to rank up and throw blog google understand you and rank you up fast.

Blogging is a preferable activity done by in Off page SEO.


You should kindly write your blog don’t copy text it’s a spam check keyword density meta tags should be in the proper way. And I Suggest WordPress for the blog posting. And if you became a popular blogger then you can earn money throw your blog by posting in Blogger and its belong to google.

2. Forum Postinguntitled-design

Forum posting is for question and answers if you have any question or you wanna give any answer related SEO and others you can give in Forum posting site(Webicy, Warrior Forum & SEO Mastering). A Forum is the second best way to increase traffic you can add keyword and add a signature. You can check my profile to get the idea how to do Forum posting. Raza Abbas

It’s more effective when its Do Follow you will get more link juice from it.


First, see others answers and write better than they. Do as you can more and more Forum posting it’s better for traffic and link juice.

3. Social Bookmarkingmedieval

Social Bookmarking is simple you just have to add your Title, Url and Description. But do open bookmark in another browser to see it’s visible or not It’s the way to check your bookmark is successfully done or not.


Don’t do it, again and again, it’s a spam. Make sure your bookmark is proper.

Sites for Social Bookmarking. Reddit, Pinterest & StumbleUpon.

4. Image Sharing

Post/Share your pictures of your website product in public and let your friends and others see it and comment on it or share it with others.


This the simple way to get traffic on your website. Share Images on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter & PhotoBucket.

 5. Video Posting

Video posting is similar like Image Sharing. Just make a video describing your website and product and let your friend see it and comment on it.


Video posting is more valuable then image sharing. How to post a video for your product. Best Eg. Shakib Mirza Graphic Designer 

6. Classified Submission

Classified Submission is a powerful way in Off Page SEO to tell the world about your business and product. You get buyers seller to your business and product.


Classified Submission service helps you to make a back link to rank up your website in search engines.

7. Guest posting

You can post your content or blog in others website to increase your online reputation. And promote your company name on their website. It’s best for your company to get traffic.


Don’t post in the website that has low PA & DA or it is No follow. There are tools that show PA, DA & others things that can be use full. I suggest  Moz to check PA & DA and many other things that can be useful for you.

You must be a proper writer then only author will accept your post. Don’t add many keywords or back links.

8. Guest Commenting

Guest Commenting is to comment in others post and add your website link in your comment. It’s the simple and best way for ranking up your website.


Do in Do follow website and high PA & DA it will be more effective.

And don’t spam. (more keywords more back link.)

9. Document/ Others Files.

You can share your business or product Document or file to your friends and others to show them your Document or files


Make a better presentation in Power Point or in other Microsoft and add your website link in it.

10. Business Listing

Business Listing is a little bit similar to Classified Submission you can share many posts in Classified Submission but in Business Listing you can only share one post related to one topic or business.


Post As good as you can because you can post only one.

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